What is an Energy Safe Kid?

Energy Safe Kids always Think! about energy issues, Talk! to adults about those issues and Take Action! when needed. The mission of ENERGY SAFE KIDS is to cultivate energy literacy by promoting the safe and wise use of electricity.


ENERGY SAFE KIDS (ESK) is the premier curriculum for electric safety. Programs and energy education materials, developed by National Energy Foundation, are available for teachers and students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Energy safety is taught and explored through a combination of materials distribution for teachers, classroom presentations and an interactive, online energy safety community. The ESK website, instructional posters, teacher lesson plans, take-home guides, games and more make a powerful impact in the classroom and at home.

Classroom Presentations

Organizations are invited to sponsor ESK classroom presentations. Teams of energy experts from National Energy Foundation teach an hour-long class on energy safety with curriculum and presentations customized with sponsor logo colors and messaging. Presentations incorporate a variety of fun and unique teaching methods to reach students of any learning style. Interaction in the classroom between presenters and students communicates a message with a long-lasting impact and provides a wonderful public relations opportunity for the sponsoring organization.

Materials Distribution

National Energy Foundation has been successfully distributing electric safety education materials to teachers for more than two decades. Organizations and companies are invited to sponsor free resources for teachers to use in the classroom. More than 20 utilities have participated in the materials distribution programs across the country. Packets sent to teachers are customizable to help any sponsor reach their energy safety and public relations goals.

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