Electric Safety

Stay Clear, Not Near.

“If you can hear it, clear it. If you can see it, flee it.”

go inside during stormStay inside during thunderstorms. Did you know that it takes about 10,000 volts to create a one-inch spark of lightning? Lightning contains millions of volts and easily can jump 10 to 20 feet! Go indoors as quickly as possible. There is no safe place outside except for a permanent structure or inside a metal vehicle with all its windows closed.

Lightning is nature’s electricity in thunderstorms. It moves between clouds and from clouds to the ground. Lightning seeks the highest object or the best conductor to complete its circuit. When you see lightning, avoid water, trees, open fields and partially enclosed shelters such as gazebos and lean-to’s. Do not fly kites in thunderstorms. Keep away from water during thunderstorms. It is unsafe to be anywhere near a swimming pool during a thunderstorm, especially in it!

 What to do about a downed power line?