Natural Gas Safety

If you suspect a leak

There are important things you should do if you see, hear or smell a possible natural gas leak. The first thing you should do if you suspect a natural gas leak is get out of the house or building and leave the area immediately– good advice in any dangerous situation! Warn others, get everyone outside and keep the door open for ventilation. Then tell an adult what you’ve observed. Next, from a safe location, call 911 and the natural gas company.

Leave immediately                            Call 911

Get out! Tell an adult! Call 911 and your natural gas company!

There are also some important things you should not do if you suspect a natural gas leak. Don’t do anything that could create a spark. Don’t use a phone in the area of the leak; don’t turn on or off a light; don’t use a garage door opener or anything electrical. Don’t light a match or start a motor. Don’t try to repair a leak, leave that to the professionals! And finally, do not return until the professionals tell you it’s safe.

do not start a motor do not turn on lights do not light match nor repair


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