Natural Gas Safety

Using it safely at home

no-coThe two main natural gas appliances in our homes are the furnace and the water heater. It’s important to have good air circulation around both, keeping those areas clutter-free. Never store flammable materials near appliances whose main job is to heat! Good air circulation and clean filters (in furnaces and clothes dryers) also help appliances run efficiently. Don’t set your water heater too hot; it should be set at 120 F (49 C) for safety and efficiency.

stoveMany people cook with natural gas. For safety, be sure the stove ignites properly after turning on the gas; the flame should always be blue. When lighting a flame, always strike the match first, then turn on the natural gas. Be careful not to let hot pads or clothing near the flame. Keep the range surface clean and free from dirt and grease.

The first step to preventing accidents is to ensure all natural gas appliances are properly installed, adjusted, vented and inspected. Check chimneys, flues, vents and ducts to confirm that they are clear and free of blockages.

gas-meterDon’t play on or around natural gas meters or equipment.  Make sure outside natural gas equipment is free of snow and ice in inclement weather. Prevention and wise usage are the first steps to safety.


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