There are many career opportunities in the energy industry, from high tech jobs requiring advanced degrees to those only requiring a high school diploma. Whether a person wants to work in an office or outdoors, there is an energy career to consider! What’s in your future?

Here are examples of the many careers in energy!

Natural Gas Technician:

Natural gas technicians install and repair natural gas pipe systems and their controls. A natural gas technician can start with a high school diploma.

Power Plant Operator:

Power plant operators are in charge of operating and controlling the equipment that generates power in coal, nuclear gas and other power plants.


An installer is responsible for transporting equipment to a job site and putting it together properly. There are many types of energy equipment that require installers, such as natural gas water heaters, photovoltaic panels, geothermal heat pump systems, etc.

Energy Auditor:

Energy auditors complete estimations and inspections for energy equipment and the construction of buildings to make them energy efficient. They prepare reports summarizing energy analysis results and recommendations for reducing energy costs.


Some accountants are directly involved in preparing an organization’s financial statements, doing payroll and paying bills. Other accountants work with a corporation’s management in analyzing costs of operations, products and special projects.


Geophysicists study the earth’s physical properties to help locate natural resources like groundwater, natural gas or petroleum. Modern geophysicists study snow and ice, the oceans and volcanic features of the earth.

And many more!
  • Driller
  • Power Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Geoengineer
  • Ecologist